Richard Butterworth Digital Media Design

Professor Scribble

A Professor Scribble cartoon

Do you feel that your presentations look a bit too professional? Do you long for the time that your documents looked all cack-handed and amateurish? Then look no further than the Professor Scribble font, specifically designed to make your written work look as though it was cobbled together by a moderately inebriated student.

(Seriously though.) Professor Scribble was the title of a series of cartoons penned when I really ought to have been doing something constructive instead. On the rare occasion that someone said something nice about them, it was usually to the effect that they liked the handwriting, and so only twenty years later I thought I should convert this into a font to make life a bit easier on a separate project I'm working on that requires a hand-drawn feel.

Professor Scribble is released under the SIL Open Font licence, which means you can download it, use it, and do what you want with it (which probably means throw it away and use a proper font instead).

The OFT file, and web-font versions (thanks to Fontie) can be downloaded in this package.