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Media Gallery

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Media Gallery is the working title for a Joomla! extension that offers highly professional image and media asset management as well as very polished and cutting edge gallery presentation to users. The extension is aimed at professional photographers and artists who want to create their own websites advertising and selling their work.

Richard Butterworth Digital Media Design draws on their experience both in the fields of image libraries (see Bridgeman Education) and as developers of multimedia applications, to deliver both professional media management in the back end of the gallery and extremely engaging, interactive presentations on the front end.

Media Gallery will work as an off the shelf Joomla! extension and will be bundled with a collection of gallery plug-ins which allow the user to select different ways of viewing the assets in the gallery. These plug-ins will use the most up-to-date browser technologies, such as HTML5 canvas and jQuery to create galleries that work cross browser, as well as on mobile devices. An API for the gallery plug ins will also be published, allowing technically competent users to create their own galleries, and Richard Butterworth Media Design will also offer a service creating unique, bespoke galleries for users who want a completely individual looking site promoting their artworks.

Media Gallery will be released in early 2014.