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Elegy digital library system

The Elegy logo

Elegy is a digital library system specifically designed for use by specialist libraries, galleries and museums.

It is implemented at an extension to the open source content management system Joomla!, so that a library website can be developed which makes use of Elegy's advanced catalogue management and search engine, but also can be augmented by any of the huge range of other extensions available for Joomla!

Elegy has the following features...

  • Elegy is completely flexible in the way that it handles meta-data and catalogue structure. It can deal with several data structures, including the hierarchical structures typically used in archive catalogues, and can allow cross searching over different collections, even if they have different data structures.
  • Elegy facilitates graph based relationship structures to be established across the records in different collections, so that different resource discovery paths can be established that are orthogonal to the normal catalogue structures.
  • Elegy allows media (images, sound and video) files to be attached to catalogue records and for searchable transcriptions  to be associated with the media files.
  • Elegy allows catalogue records to be associated with documents held in the Joomla! content management system, to facilitate the authoring of interpretative and educational webpages which are deeply integrated with the digital library resources.
  • Elegy has many cutting edge features; geographic records can be plotted on Google maps, crowd sourcing of content and corrections is possible, and all records can be given Open Graph metadata to enable social media integration.

Elegy is the system underlying The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library website, which was described as 'staggering' by the Daily Telegraph on its launch.

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