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In early 2013 Richard Butterworth Digital Media Design was commissioned to replace the existing English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) web pages with three interrelated sites; one for the society itself, one focussing on Cecil Sharp House as a concert venue and one holding the resources of the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library.

Although the three sites were to be viewed as three separate sites from the user side, EFDSS wanted a single content management system for all three sites. There also needed to be a significant interrelationships between the three sites; event diaries would need to be shared between the EFDSS and Cecil Sharp House sites, and the educational materials held on the EFDSS sites would need to make reference to the library resources held in The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library site.

The three sites are implemented as a single Joomla! instance with a bespoke extension that detects the requested URL and applies one of three different templates to the site depending on whether the URL is for the EFDSS site, the Cecil Sharp House site or The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library site. In this way the user sees three different sites, but the administrators have a single content management system. The required sharing of resources across the three sites then becomes trivial, as from the administrator's point of view all resources can be in any of the three sites; they just have different presentation templates applied to them depending on the URL that requests them.

Richard Butterworth Digital Media Design worked closely with the marketing team at EFDSS and their graphic designers at NONCONFORM to implement the presentation of the three sites, as well as creating several bespoke extensions to deal with events management, venue hire, social sharing and also integrated the Elegy digital library system into the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library site.

Richard Butterworth Digital Media Design continues to maintain the sites and deal with their SEO.