Richard Butterworth


Dr Butterworth has over twenty years experience teaching Computer and Information Science in higher education.

He is currently a Teaching Fellow in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. He has previously taught at City University of London, UCL and Middlesex University.

He has taught a wide variety of topics within the fields of Computer and Information Science, including coding, multimedia, digital libraries and human-computer interaction.

He also currently volunteers to teach game coding and run a code club in a local secondary school.

Richard is currently working on the This Machine Kills Zombies project, a comic based guide to game coding for KS3-4 pupils.


Richard is a highly skilled coder and website developer, having developed and maintained substantial web systems for the English Folk Dance and Song Society and Bridgeman Images. He has also developed numerous smaller scale sites and web based Rich Internet Applications.


Richard's first work of fiction King of the Woods is available from Lulu and will be made available on other platforms soon.

King of the Woods is part memoir, part fantasy, part any other genre and style that Richard liked while writing it, sometimes elegiaic but mostly silly. It breaks new literary ground, being the only book ever written about a male friendship that doesn't once mention football. Not even as a subtle metaphor for something.


Richard has been a cartoonist and illustrator ever since his art teacher at school told him to stop doing silly doodles and demoted him from the O'level class to CSE. Undeterred, his work can be seen on Instagram and Twitter.